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Music & Mental Health, Lamentally Sound's Mission

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

A guitar pick  with a blue background with the words inscribed "When words fail. Music Speaks"
Lamentally Sound Logo

In August 2019 Lamentally Sound CIC was born as an organisation. The idea for the company was conceived in 2017 but the motivation behind our mission was many more years in the making.

Having struggled terribly with poor mental health from a young age, I grew up suppressing emotions and mood swings until I was in my mid-twenties, when unexpected life events became so overwhelming that the powers that be felt they had to intervene and place me under the care of the Mental Health Act. While under the care of the government, it became glaringly apparent that mental health services were seriously lacking, under-funded and misunderstood.

Black and white photo of a woman with long hair smiling
Founder Lesley-Ann Clubb

One thing that helped me from an incredibly young age was my love of music. As soon as I was old enough to join the guitar club at my local primary school, I fell passionately in love with playing my instrument. Over the many years that followed I learned that playing music had a very positive impact on my mindset and some research I'd partaken while studying psychology at university confirmed my idea that music and mood go hand in hand, therefore treatment for mental health disorders should incorporate music for all at some level.

I created Lamentally Sound CIC as a way to change the way the world views mental ill health, to foster better mental wellbeing and to encourage and develop a love for music in as many people as humanly possible.

I've assembled a team of like-minded and talented people together, so that we can work towards aims such as making sure poverty is not a barrier to accessing mental health therapies and learning an instrument that has the potential to improve wellbeing isn't only for the select few. We aspire to create a world that is kinder and happier, and we believe music is the way to do so.

A Dancefloor showing barefooted ladies legs

By offering services such as Mobile Disco/Karaoke, guitar lessons and record label, we intend to fund community music and arts projects, counselling and advice services and other beneficial practices. Starting from a local level, we will grow to help further communities overcome the barriers that poor mental health can endure.

My own mental health has improved by spending the time building Lamentally Sound CIC from idea to reality. It is with that in mind I hope that other people can be helped by Lamentally Sound CIC to bring themselves to a positive outlook and improved mental health too.

Lesley-Ann Clubb

Founder of Lamentally Sound CIC


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