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Why Lamentally Sound CIC?

We are a company that is founded in the belief that humanity's biggest asset is the mind. We envisage a world where kindness, love, generosity, creativity and social justice overcome cruelty, hatred, greed and corruption. We believe that music can be the tool to drive the social change needed to make the world a kinder, happier place.

We aim to better the lives of any persons who are at risk of disadvantage with their mental health through using music to empower, educate and build mental resilience, increase confidence and improve psychological well-being.

Every service we provide has these core values at heart. Our team of hardworking individuals work tirelessly and passionately with a sense of empathy and your needs in mind. Whether it be with disco services, music lessons or any other contact with us, we are professional in our conduct and at the same time fun loving and here to make sure you have the best event and feel more confident and much happier after spending your time with us. 



What we lack in age as a company we make up for in personality. We are fun, gregarious and we will bend over backwards to make sure you have the best experience with us.



We are a highly skilled, enthusiastic and ambitious team. We show professionalism in all our dealings with everyone we meet, offering bespoke services and well thought out projects and events.   

Helping Hand

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing that our personal, professional and skilled team have it covered for you. We are PLI insured and PAT tested for events and our directors and volunteers offering music classes, projects and services are registered on the PVG scheme 

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